We celebrated our 25th Anniversary

On 21 June 2023, we celebrated our 25th Anniversary in a fully packed room with a panel discussion about the internal market at the European Economic and Social Committee and European Committee of the Regions.

On this occasion, we had the pleasure to welcome some most distinguished guests: Senator Professor Mario Monti, former Prime Minister of Italy and EU Commissioner for the Single Market and Competition (to mention only a few of his merits) and José Luís da Cruz Vilaça, former President of the Court of First Instance (General Court) and Judge and President of Chamber at the European Court of Justice.

They gave us inspiring words about how the Single Market was shaped – both by the Courts and the Executive and legislators. They both spoke passionately about preserving Single Market to foster healthy intra-European competition. Professor Senator Monti also highlighted how Parallel Trade had been a pioneer in creating the Single Market.

Professor Senator Monti also warned against the lack of enforcement and adherence to the common rules and principles underpinning the Single Market, stressing that ”the Commission is put in place to reprimand Member States. If they [Commission] do not do that – they are lost”, and continued “when powers are not used, they are lost”.

Don’t miss our inspiring panel discussion about the 30th Anniversary of the EU internal market at this link. Professor Senator Monti around 17.00 minutes in, and Professor da Cruz Vilaça, around 41 minutes in.

After the panel discussion, we enjoyed a cocktail reception and a BBQ dinner with a lot of delicious food and drinks.

Thank you to everyone who joined us!

Affordable Medicines Europe’s team