Obituary – Andreas Mohringer

Andreas Mohringer
25 September 1945 – 20 June 2023

In the early 1970’s, a young Austrian pharmacist was on holiday in England, when he caught a cold, and bought a bottle of Benadryl® cough syrup. He was astonished that the price he had to pay was about one-third of the price he was familiar with from his practice in Germany, where he was then working.

He knew that sometimes familiar product names have different compositions, but this was precisely the same product.

In that moment, a new business was born.

From this modest beginning, forty years later, Andreas Mohringer’s entrepreneurial instincts had developed into a more than €500m annual turnover business, in the practice of parallel distribution of European medicines.

Mr Mohringer sadly passed away on 20th June 2023, after a long and debilitating illness, courageously borne, aged 77. Deepest condolences and sympathy are due to his wife, Friederike, and two daughters, Anna and Magdalena.

Aside from his principal commercial activities, Mr Mohringer was the founder and chairman of the Bundesverband der Arzneimittel-Importeure, a trade association representing medicine parallel importers in Germany. He was also the initiator, founding President and long-term Board member of Affordable Medicines Europe (formerly EAEPC), the pan-European, Brussels-based trade body advocating for the interests of parallel distributors of medicines across the Union.

In his private life, Mr Mohringer was well-known for his passion for motor cars, especially Ferraris. Indeed, he has owned several such vehicles over the course of his career, in particular, a red 1953 convertible, for which he had modestly but proudly won worldwide antique car awards, from Villa d’Este to Pebble Beach.

He will be remembered by many employees and industry colleagues alike not only for his pioneering example, but for his innovative thinking, cooperative principles, and his willingness on a personal level to share his experience with others.